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Getting Started

What is YouDrive?

This is car sharing, a per-minute rent of cars which may be left anywhere inside the city green zone. Register in the mobile application, send the photos of your driving license and passport, and, after a short verification, get the access to hundreds of cars across the city.

What are the features of YouDrive?

  • Our cars are located mostly there where they are needed in the city. As soon as the demand arises somewhere, we open a green zone there.
  • You don’t have to go to the office with documents. Registration is made right in the mobile app.
  • No advance payments. Money will be written off by 500 RUB during the rent and by the remainder when the rent ends. If the rent costs less than 500 RUB, the payment shall only be made once – in the end.
  • 24-hour rent. Take a car anytime you need it.
  • You don’t have to pay for the fuel, parking and washing. These expenses, as well as maintenance, are taken by us.
  • You can use one account for driving in Moscow, Sochi and Saint-Petersburg.
  • For good driving and active use of the services, you’ll be awarded with rating points and new levels, giving you privileges and access to premium cars.
  • If you damage the car, we’ll help you and share expenses with you. If you turn the CASCO option, you will limit the maximum amount of your liability.

What do I need to start using YouDrive?

To use YouDrive, you will need to:

  • Have a B category driving license with driving experience of at least 2 years.
  • Register in the mobile app using the documents, phone camera and bank card.
  • Wait for the security service to verify you documents. This will take at most two hours, except for the night time (12:00 am to 8:00 am).

How security service verification is carried out?

After registration, your documents will be sent to verification, which takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours (except for the period from 12:00 am to 8:00 am, when the person in charge for the verification is on the rest). During document verification it may turn out that there is something wrong with the photos on your documents, so, please don’t turn the app push notifications off and be ready to send new photos.

How does base insurance work?

If the car accident happens through no fault of yours, the repair will be by the person at fault. If the fault is yours or mutual, you will not have to bear full liability. We limit drivers’ liability for the damage to the car:

1. Damage to the car is less than 70,000 RUB: Depending on the scale of accident, you compensate the damage by yourself, but no more than 50,000 RUB.

2. Damage to the car is more than 70,000 RUB: You pay 50,000 RUB + 25% of the amount exceeding 70,000 RUB.

How does CASCO option work?

It is turned on additionally. If it happens that you are at fault of a road traffic accident but you didn’t violate any more YouDrive rules, then the maximum amount of your liability is 15,000 RUB. If you are not at fault of the accident, you will not have to pay anything. To turn the CASCO on, press the shield on the top left corner of the screen.

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Where can I drive?

You can travel to a distance of 250 km from:

  • Moscow Ring Road (MKAD).
  • Saint-Petersburg Ring Road.
  • Sochi International Airport. However, you cannot leave the territory of Russia.

What cars are there in the YouDrive fleet?

  • BMW: i3, X2 and Active Tourer.
  • MINI Cooper 5-Door.
  • Mercedes А-Class.
  • Nissan X-Trail.
  • Smart: fortwo, forfour, fortwo cabrio, fortwo turbo, forfour turbo.

What are the bonuses and bonus account?

This is your personal account where we add points for refuelling and promo codes bonuses. Money for the ride will be written off from your bonus account first, then from your card.

How much does it cost?

You can see our tariffs here or by selecting any car on the map in the app.

By the way, from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am parking outside of a green zone is free. Besides, depending on your rating you’ll get a discount and additional options.

What is included in the cost?

You pay only for the minutes when you use a car. This includes expenses on fuel, payment of municipal parking, car wash and maintenance.

What is a green zone?

Green zone is an area where you can end car rent. It is marked by the green on the map in the app.

Where can I end the rent?

Inside of a green zone. In Moscow, on any free or paid municipal (city) parking lot (except for municipal parking lots with boom gates), in Petersburg and Sochi, on a free parking lot only. You may not park a car in places that you can’t leave without additional charge. The only exception is the Sochi Airport, you can freely leave the car there. By the way, partners’ green zone may differ from our own green zone.

Where can I park the car?

In Moscow, on any free municipal parking. In Petersburg and Sochi, on any free municipal parking. You can park the car on private paid parking lots (or parking lots with restricted exit) at your own expense, but you can’t end the rent there.

What is free booking?

Free booking is the time that you are given to get to the car: it is 20 minutes by default. You can book a car for free once per 2 hours.

What is free night parking?

Free night parking is the tariff for dropping the car outside of a green zone for a night. It’s absolutely free of charge. The tariff is automatically activated from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am.

What is “Handover”?

You can hand over the car to another user outside of a green zone by pressing the “Handover” button in the app. After you press the button, the car appears on the map and becomes available for booking. Until the car is booked by another user, it will be held by you at Parking rate. As soon as another user books the car, you rent will be ended. Handover is also covered by the “night parking” tariff.

Who pays for the fuel and car wash?

We refuel and wash our cars ourselves. If the fuel in the rented car suddenly runs low, you can refuel the car yourself leaving an order in advance and specifying necessary quantity and volume of the fuel via “Refuel the car” button in the app menu. You can also send a payment slip for the refuelling for us to compensate the expenses by points to the bonus account.

What if I don’t report damage or accident?

Before rent, you have to thoroughly examine the car and report any damage not registered in the service. If you don’t do it, we can consider the damage to be left by you.

If you don’t report that you left the damage, you may receive a penalty of 50,000 RUB and fully pay for the repair.

Payment procedure and safety

You add the card, and the payment is made automatically. During the rent, we will write off the instalments of 500 RUB spent by you and the remainder at the end. Don’t worry: as soon as you end the rent, we will show a detailed receipt in the app right away and send it to your mail.

What if my documents or contact details change?

If your documents, phone number or email have been changed please contact us via feedback form in the App.

If the card changes, add a new one in the app profile in “My cards” section.

Something went wrong

What if the car is towed away?

We will send you a detailed instruction to your mail, and if it has not arrived yet, call us via 7 (499) 322-38-75, if you are in Moscow or Sochi, and +7 (812) 407-10-69, if you are in Petersburg.

What if I get to the accident?

1. Call the Road Police and formalize the accident not by the European Accident Statement, then get all the documents concerning the accident from the Road Police officers and leave the documents in the car glove compartment.

2. While waiting for the Road Police, contact us via the phone and report the accident: +7 (499) 322-38-75, if you are in Moscow, and +7 (812) 407-10-69, if you are in Petersburg.

Never leave the accident scene nor end the car rent! If there is no your fault in the accident, the rent will be recalculated.

What if I discover damage or dirt on the car before the rent begins?

If you discover damage or dirt on the rented car, make sure to report to us via chat bot or press “There’s some damage” after you swipe “Unlock doors” button. Otherwise, we won’t know that it wasn’t’ you who had damaged the car and we will impose a penalty on you. If you notice the car damage after the rent, report it to us anyway; it is surely better than concealing.

What if I forget my belongings in the car?

If you forget your belongings in the car which has already been booked by someone else, please contact us via feedback form in the App, and support service staff will do their best to help you. We don’t recommend leaving personal belongings in the car, even if you are not going to end the rent.